Monday, March 03, 2008

I have my internship!

Yes, after several months of intense looking, I have finally found an internship.

In fact, I got two offers, and I have to turn down the one which I love, as the internship will be placed in Paris. Fortunately both offers have interesting mission.

Well, very soon, I will have to start driving daily to a city that is 100km from mine. Considering that I drove each way 38 miles per day to go to my school in USA, it shouldn't be a big problem, I hope.

Well, thanks for listening to all my whining about the difficulty in looking for an internship. I really hope this would lead to a good start towards my career in France! Thanks to people who have taught me to be patience and perseverance in my life!


  1. Congratulation BE, you deserve it !

  2. Congratulations!! Where is it at?

  3. Thanks Jamy.

    Samantha, it will be in Rennes.

  4. That's what I was wondering when you said 100km.

    Have you ever thought about taking the train back and forth? I live about the same distance from Rennes, and commuted back and forth for two years, and it was much cheaper to take the train (about 120€ total per month, vs 20€ per day for the car). There are cheaper rates for stagiaires too! At least on the train, you can read, sleep, study, etc.

    I guess it depends on where the company is located though, but they also have a new combined "abonnement" that includes the monthly train pass + a transportation pass for Rennes for the bus, metro, etc. It's pretty handy.

  5. Samantha,

    Can you please give me the website about the train with monthly train pass + transport pass for Rennes.

    I checked this option but it was going to cost like 460 since I'm not eligible for carte de 25 anymore. I think I have missed the offer for intern. Thanks for the info.

    Another option is carpooling.

  6. Congrats in getting the internship.

    All the best..:)

  7. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Bravo et félicitations!!
    I am sure that you will do well in the company! Show them Malaysia Boleh!!

    Very happy for you!! :))

  8. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Congrats, Bee Ean! I was also "kan cheong" for you previously. Hahaha~

  9. I think you can just go ask for it at the train station - I'd try asking for the "abonnement étudiant mensuel" first, and if you're not eligible, than the "abonnement de travail mensuel". You can ask them about which ones offer the bus pass with it too.

  10. Thanks Nightwing and Natalie.

    Gin, didn't know you are following my blog. Thanks for thinking about me. :-)

    Thanks Samantha I will get myself some info in the train station.

  11. Hiya, I've just only returned from Edinburgh. CONGRATS! Am sure both you and your husband are very pleased. Is the Rennes job an english-speaking job? Either way, am sure you will do well with your determination.