Saturday, March 29, 2008

No graduation ceremony in France

Well, the school is over, and I just realized that I won't have a graduation ceremony like what I did in Malaysia and USA. There will be no graduation gown, photo session, family and friends coming over to celebrate with me. Only at this moment I realized how much Malaysia's education systems have been influenced by the Anglo-saxon culture. I grow up watching graduation ceremony for pre-school, primary school, second school and University.

Graduation photo session in University of Malaya. Different collar color represents different discipline (Sains, Business, Engineering...).

Graduation ceremony in the USA. Throwing the cap to the sky (cap toss) is one of the ceremony traditions.

During the ceremony (commencement).

Personally I do not mind to not have the graduation ceremony since I had had two in my life. But for the other students, won't they miss something wonderful in their life? Anyone knows whether other European countries like Germany or Switzerland are having this kind of ceremony?


  1. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Congratulation beeean. Hah... your study is now finally over (which I did think that it was like lasting forever...)

  2. Hello,
    I'm a Malaysian living in Germany and I absolutely understand this 'no graduation'-thingy because it's the same in Germany too! :(
    I graduated in Germany and was a tad sad without the graduation ceremony.
    By the way, congratulations on your graduation! :)