Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2 years 9 months

Beside traveling in Malaysia, this month's highlight is the beginning of school life for Aelig. She has been in school since last week. Grandma was with us to help her slowly integrate into the school schedule.

Today is the first day we start the her going to school and us going to work life without help. So how did it go? Around 6pm, I received a call from the school.

School: Hi madam, your daughter is still at school, is it normal?
Me: Yes, she is supposed to stay till 6.30pm.
School: Well, the teacher didn't tell me that she would stay after school finishes. And your daughter didn't get to have snack since I didn't have anything from you. And, all she does is crying.
Me: Ok, I'm coming.

I met up with hubby and hurried to the school. Aelig was the last kid to be picked up. We have subscribed to the yearly after-school nursery class but since the teacher was busy this morning, hubby didn't tell her that it would start today. The snack box was placed beside Aelig's bag but the teacher didn't notice it. The after-school baby sitter advised us to pick up Aelig earlier as going to school 10 hours a day is just too much for a young kid like her. She encouraged us to find someone to bring her home when school finishes at around 5pm.

All these kids get picked at 5.30pm at the latest except Aelig. Our sitter doesn't provide after-school pick-up service like some do. Either one of us leave work at 5pm or hire someone to pick her up at 5pm then stay with her till we come home. Headache.


  1. Sounds like the truth was that she was bothered to stay "opened" later for only one kid...

    It sure makes long days for the kid, but a lot of people are doing like this, maybe you can just wait and see how Aelig adapts.

    Also maybe you can compromise by picking her up around 6pm, making you leave work around 5:30 - 5:45 depending on your commuting time.

    A lot of people are sharing the tasks between mother and father : the father brings the kids at school and arrives late at work (on a 9 to 18 schedule) and the mother leaves work early (on a 8 to 17 schedule) to pick up the kids. Still it depends a lot on the work environment which can be more or less parent-friendly...

  2. Faites attention de ne pas la dégoûter de l'école en la laissant à l'école si longtemps si jeune ....

    J'ai vécu la même chose avec mes enfants finalement j'ai dû trouver une nourrice pour les récupérer dès la sortie de l'école .

    tant pis s'il faut payer le service d'une tierce personne mais le bien être de nos enfants en dépend énormément .
    Vous pouvez renouveler l'expérience plus tard quand vous la sentirez plus "forte"

  3. Thanks Jeremie,

    Now I try to leave earlier so that I could pick her up at 6pm.

    Hi NL,

    Elle a l'air ok dans le garderie. A part de premier jour, elle n'avait pas pleuré et était toujours en train de jouer avec des copains. Donc je pense qu'elle s'adapte bien. Cela me dérange pas de prendre une nourrice mais je pense qu'elle sera plus contente de joeur avec des gamins son age que avec une nounou. On verra bien. Merci.