Saturday, September 15, 2012

Raclette with family

Before leaving to Malaysia I asked my sister what she would like to have from France. To my surprise, she told me if I could bring the raclette set, as she loved the dish the last time she tasted it in my place. I didn't even remember that I had prepared this dish for them, as my parents are not keen on cheese based food.

We went to Carrefour and managed to get most of the ingredients. My sister found cornichon (gherkin, a type of pickled cucumber) in a local store.

Everyone seemed to love it, even my parents tried. Hubby said the ham, the bacon and the sausages were quite authentic to those in France. I smuggled in the raclette cheese from France, but they could find it in Cold Storage in Malaysia. All the ingredients are quite pricey though.

At one point we wonder if we could cook an egg with this raclette set.

Yes we could, it just takes longer time to cook.

Hubby joined in the conversation without my help. He has blended in and I'm very proud of him. :-)

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  1. nice, I plan to buy one too ... seem like fun to have this kind meal once in a while ..