Thursday, September 27, 2012

A dialog

Hubby and Aelig were going down the stairs. Hubby wanted to make sure that he didn't forget the car key so he was searching in every pocket.

Aelig: Le fone?
Daddy: Quoi (what)?
Aelig: *incomprehensible baby garble* .. le fone?
Daddy: Je ne comprends pas (I don't understand).
Aelig: *A bit annoyed* Dian Hua Lah (telephone + lah in mandarin)
Daddy: Ah, je cherche mon téléphone (ah I'm looking for my cellphone)?
Aelig: Oui *thinking finally he understood me*
Daddy: Non, je cherche ma clé de voiture (no I'm looking for my car key)
Aelig: Ah

She is speaking Malaysian mandarin with the "lah" at the end. :-)


  1. so cute!! does your husband understand/speak a little Mandarin??

  2. Yes he does understand and speak some Mandarin.