Sunday, September 23, 2012

Company activities

We had a week of Wellbeing@work activities at work, and one of the events was a cocktail lunch held in our future new building. Here are some common French cocktail serving "Canapé" (couch), a type of finger food.
We started with some appetizers. These were pieces of bread with foam toppings.
Some vegetables with dipping sauce. I had seen these being served in US too.
Sandwiches. Sardine sandwiches are quite popular when having party in Malaysia but uncommon in France.
Sweet breads stuffed with crabmeats.
Ciders and softdrinks.
Some were served in a spoon so that you can put it directly in your mouth.
Ham with cheese.
These should be considered a serving in the main course. I was busy chatting so I'm not sure if I took all the servings in photos.
Scallops in cream sauce, my favorite.
Desserts. Noticed that there was only one macaron left. I took the last one, too sweet.
Another activities was family visiting to the company. It is not a common activity in France so I invited Aelig to go to "work" with me. She was intrigued and had been waiting for the day to come.
There were some snacks and she ate a lot. She even complained when the other kid finished a type of chips.

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