Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lembing Escape 林明 : Rainbow Waterfall & Panorama Hill

When we arrived at Lembing from Terengganu, it was time to go to bed. Below photo was our lodging for the trip.

Just kidding, someone else got the privilege, with a toddler in tow it was just not practical to stay in a tree house.

First destination : Rainbow Waterfall. Breakfast at 6am then we were transported in two 4 wheels. The journey lasted around one hour and I certainly do not miss the jumpy bumpy trip. I literally had to prevent myself from falling down.

As usual, no pain no gain. After the one hour bumpy ride + 45 minutes trekking, we were welcome with a peaceful waterfall.

We were told that when the sun arises, we would see the rainbow.

Well, there was no rainbow that day, but it didn't prevent us from having fun.

Showering under the waterfall.

Enjoying the waterfall.

One of the tour guides prepared hot milo (hot chocolate) and instant noodles for us. Hubby found it weird to have instant noodles in this location, but the kids were happy to have them.

The second morning, we went to Panorama Hill for its famous sunrise scenery. This was what we aimed to see.

We had to climb many stairs before arriving. Well, hubby went wandering around the day before and did the hiking within 19 minutes. As for us, it took us around 45 minutes.
And we saw this. It was below expectation but we did have fun. I especially enjoyed the morning market and the breakfast after.

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