Saturday, September 29, 2012

Belum-Temenggor Escape - The special moments

The satisfying moment : arrived after half an hour hiking to a hill

The rewarding moment : enjoying the scenic views

The bonding moment: connecting with the cousins

The catching moment: he caught them with elastics, they were supposed to serve as bait for fishing

The flying moment: at one point the boat was flying

The encountering moment :Aelig first encounter with a Orang Asli (indigenous)

The tropical moment: the tropical rain visited the island after 5 minutes of strong wind

The sharing moment: not sure if it tasted better this way

The babysitting moment : shuttering around the kids

The mouthwatering moment : steamboat!

The napping moment : please do not disturb

The lonely moment : surrounded with islands without inhabitants, she is all by herself

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