Friday, September 14, 2012

We are home

We are back in France after passing more than three weeks in Malaysia.

The flight was smooth, I managed to sleep most of the time. Aelig was sick, she threw up several times the night before departure. We were worried that she would vomit in the flight, but she slept through the flight and train.

Hubby was down too with upset stomach. We suspected that it was the nasi lemak in the flight. I'm glad I didn't choose it.

As for me, I have heavy jet lag this time. I feel sleepy most of the time and didn't have appetite to eat.

So, Aelig didn't go to school as planned, Hubby was on sick leave, I went to work but spent the afternoon having teleconference, at home.

The adjustment was very tough this time for Aelig. She speaks mandarin most of the time now and refuse to switch back to French.


  1. Happy to hear that you are back. You should be proud that Aelig speaks Mandarin all the time. Does she speaks English at all? coz my son speaks english and french but no Mandarin at all.. it was just too difficult to communicate all 3 languages at once :( but Mandarin is something I want him to learn! Just don't know how to start..

  2. welcome back ... it will take about a week to recover from jetlag ... Aelig will switch back to French soon .. but it is great that she speaks mandarin now ..

  3. Hi Nyonya,

    No she doesn't speak English. I wanted to concentrate on Mandarin but from this trip I think it is important to introduce English to her as she couldn't communicate with kids who speak English. I don't know when and how I should do it though.

    Hi Chew Lee,

    I know your kids speak German, Mandarin and English. How do you teach them English?

  4. Hello Bee Ean,

    I found your blog while i' was searching some information in google. Thought it is nice to know more Malaysian in Europe. :) so i come and say Hello.

    I live in England and im from Penang.
    i used to write my own blog but had stop for few years now. May start again soon probably.