Sunday, November 12, 2006

The appointment with the ANPE

ANPE is the national employment agency who try to help the unemploy go back to the job market. I had an appointment with them, and it was totally useless. The woman doesn't know my field, doesn't know how to handle a foreigner, doesn't know how to help. Eventually she directed me to ANPE Cadres, a branch handle people with higher education. I went to ANPE Cadres and they were closed at 3pm on Friday, an hour earlier bcos Sat is public holiday.

What I found absurb is her ignorance to my problem. I requested to join the free French in which I mentioned in my earlier post, and she said that it's totally impossible. Eh voila, I'm starting the class tomorrow! What she said impossible turned out to be possible, just bcos I knew people who already attending the class. Nobody in the center said I'm not qualified to join the class.

Lesson learnt: Don't trust people when they say impossible to what you want. Confirm it directly with the people is in the right position to give you advise.

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  1. That's one of the most important things I've learned in France - nothing is ever impossible here. You'll never get the same answer twice, so just keep going back until you get the one you want, and then go from there.