Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nice civil servant in France: It exist!

A lot of foreigners complaint about the bureaucracy in France. For me, I don't have much bad experience, since the government services in Malaysia can be a lot worst than here.

Anyway, I went to Nantes Townhall to help my husband register to be a voter for the next presidential election. I was received by a very nice woman. She patiently explained to me the documents I need to submit and even wrote down on a piece of paper to me. She then asked me to write it to see whether I understand her handwriting.

Then, I asked her how to apply a job in the region, as my MIL told me that I can get the info from the Town Hall. Even though it wasn't her job to answer me, she looked up in the internet and print out a page for me, where I can post my CV. She then gave me the address of the mayor so that I can send to the Town Hall as well. She was very polite throughout the process with a charming smile.

Conclusion: There exist nice civil servant, it really depends where you are located in France.

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  1. there are nice civil servant in msia too...all they all u to do is Senyum and Sabar....budaya kita