Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dream of home

Yesterday I dreamt of being in Malaysia with my husband and his family. It's understandable because they are actually coming in Feb 07 for our wedding. It was funny, in the dream, they arrived in my house and none of my family member were at home. It was in the morning, so I brought them to breakfast. Then, one scene that disturbs me: the weather is too hot for my FIL so he looks displease with my country. I hope this situation won't come true.

The weird thing is, I always dream of my old house, the place where I grew up. My family has moved to a new house, and I have never dreamt of being in this new house. All my dreams refered to my house as the old house. I think this house is not replaceable, it has too much childhood memories.

Would my country to unreplaceable as well?


  1. 家永远是个充满爱的回忆的地方。没有回忆的家,只不过是一栋房子。


  2. i always have the same dream of my older house, i hv a sense of diaspora each time