Friday, November 24, 2006

Why are they here?

I have started my French class in a learning center, and therefore met some new students. Most of the students have the same background: married to a French and therefore live in France.

Some of them have arrived long time ago, like 5 years; and some just arrived. You can see people from age range from 20-55 years old.

We have another common point: we are all unemployed. So, sometimes we bitch about the situation, and how we could have found a job quickly in our own countries.

There are two Brazilians, guys, that caught my attention. When they talk about their country, their eyes shine like moonlight, their face light up, their body move happily, their hands wave in the air. They miss their country miserablely. They miss their family, their warm culture, their dance...Today, one of the guy was singing in Brazilian to his friend during the break, at least 15 minutes non stop...

and I wonder: Why are they here? It is really worth it, to give up such happiness?

These two mens met their wives while their wives were having vacation in a small village in Brazil. These French women brought them to France, and from what I observe, this country would not be able to give them the same happiness, at least in a short time. One of the guy is more than 30 years old, and he is giving up everything to restart a life in France. He sure has more courage than me.


  1. I know what it is like to be underemployeed. I could have a nice job in the States, but I am here instead. Good luck with French classes. I am jealous. I wish I could take classes too!

  2. It's nice to take French classes for pleasure, during a year maybe. But to learn a language to survive, and for unlimited time is hard. I could have have better use for my time then going continuously for French classes for don't know how long. I enjoyed my time in the University learning French and got known to some friends, but they are all leaving and I have to stay. No fun.