Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Intensive French Class

Every since I stop following the French classes in the University, I feel that my French, especially the writing part, has gone backward.

So, I tried to look for chance to have some classes, for free since I now have the residency. I contacted a center who asked me to wait for a letter, but I haven't received it after 3 weeks.

I thought I stuck in the well known French red tape, but to my surprise, thing just worked out.

One of my friend received her letter to the evaluation session, a process one needs to take to be able to follow the class. I went with her, hoping to be able to get into the class as soon as possible.

It must be a miracle, bcos not only they accepted me even though my session should be in 2 weeks (I saw it in their computer schedule), the allowed me to pass the session today, let me choose the center I want, the hour of French class I prefer, and offer many good advises to find a job.

The young woman who interviewed me is simply wonderful and helpful. I can say that I'm very lucky with the administrative in Nantes so far, no scary story to tell like the others I read.

Gone the day of 8 hours of French classes a week. Entering the era of 30 hours a week of French.


  1. Holy crap, 30 hours per week?? That's almost like a full-time job!!

  2. I hope I can cope with it. Let's see.