Thursday, November 09, 2006

The French is not so happy

France is the 62th happiest country on a map of "world happiness" showing the degree of well-being of the population of 178 countries, according to researcher Adrian White of the University of Leicester in England.

Denmark came top, followed closely by Switzerland and Austria. The UK ranked 41st. Zimbabwe and Burundi came bottom.

A nation's level of happiness was most closely associated with health levels. Prosperity and education were the next strongest determinants of national happiness.

The 20 happiest nations in the World are:

1. Denmark
2. Switzerland
3. Austria
4. Iceland
5. The Bahamas
6. Finland
7. Sweden
8. Bhutan
9. Brunei
10. Canada
11. Ireland
12. Luxembourg
13. Costa Rica
14. Malta
15. The Netherlands
16. Antigua and Barbuda
17. Malaysia
18. New Zealand
19. Norway
20. The Seychelles

Other notable results include:

23. USA
35. Germany
41. UK
62. France
82. China
90. Japan
125. India
167. Russia

The three least happy countries were:

176. Democratic Republic of the Congo
177. Zimbabwe
178. Burundi

Wah, Malaysia is doing not bad ha, ranked 17 out of 178 countries. Whereas France, has good access to education and healthcare, and the nation is pretty wealthy, ranked 62. Why? That's because they are French, they will never be satisfied. haha

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