Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I met an Indonesia who got married in August, but managed to get his recipicee (receipt) the same day he applied for a carte de sejour, which means that as soon as he got married to a French, he has the right to work. He then got his one year carte de sejour in October. As for me, I got married in July, and I was only given my recipicee in October, and the real carte de sejour will only come in end of November. And, we went to the same prefecture.

So, who said the French don't work in August? They were so efficient that they gave him the recipicee on the same day he applied. It's not a big deal actually, but just that I was so unlucky to have the only job briefing session on the same day same time I needed to collect my recipicee. Since I wasn't able to attend that briefing session, the agency never called me again. That's the price I paid for. If I got the recipicee on the same day I applied, which is in July, I could have gotten the job.

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