Friday, November 03, 2006

Free Hugs

Free hugs is started by an Australian who went on the street, holding a sightboard, asking people to give him a hug. It's now spread in the world, including China. The news in China said that the campaigns in China was failed, as the volunteer who gived hugs was taken away by a police. A lot of the Chinese can't accept this concept as they think that hugging openly is in western culture. Netherless, I saw the free hugs campaigns video taken in ChangSha, I would say that it was a success. I saw the young man hugged many women, that's already a big achievement considering that most of the Chinese don't even hug their own parents when they grow up.

Notice this map. The white flags refer to where the FreeHugs campaigns presented. See it's absent in South East Asia, and most importantly, the Middle East. Will Muslim accept hugging openly, between man and woman? This operation is aimed to bring peace to the world, but this western public embracing action might not be accepted to certain countries who see the contact between man and women openly as some kind of taboo. They have campagnes in Israel too, but Israel is heavily influenced (or controlled) by the American that I won't consider them as one part of Middle Eastern culture.

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