Thursday, June 12, 2008

10 years old kids on strike against bad canteen food

Some parents discovered a notice tucked inside their children's exercise book:"We are organizing a strike to protest against the canteen. If you agree to let your child participate, please bring in your own lunch."

So, kids at 10 years old went on strike. Even though there was only 3 of them bringing in their own lunch, they managed to send an effective message to their canteen operator that they are not satisfied with the food and strongly requested some improvement.


I'm not against strike and I think it is a nice to teach children to speak their mind. The strike was done in a peaceful way: they didn't stop students who still wanted to buy from canteen from doing it; they didn't destroy the canteen's properties and they let the canteen workers carried on with their job. These culture should be preserved.

I just hope that the adult protectors would do the same and won't go block public transport and want everyone to suffer with them, this for me is just pure egoism.

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  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Totally agree with you :)

    Btw: I made chocolate cake for my little girl because I have no idea what else to bake for her on her birthday and since she loves chocolate, I thought 'why not'. :)