Friday, June 20, 2008

Addicted to machine tomato soup

There is a vending machine on each floor in my company. It offers variety of coffee and tea choices, but there is one that I have never seen anyone trying: the tomato soup.

One day during the coffee break, I asked why nobody is taking it, and one of the responses was that people who took it already dead. :-) I built up the courage to try it once, and since then I'm hooked! It taste so good, the machine even manages to spread some herbs on it. I can have one in the morning as breakfast and it warms up the stomach. Some colleagues felt weird that I take soup in the morning, as soup is not very present in some French families and certain people only take soup during winter.

While some colleagues got addicted to their coffee, I'm addicted to the tomato soup.

Well, I didn't try to be different on purpose. :-)

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