Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You know your day started bad when

two cars parked in front of your garage and you can turn neither left or right. Yes you could go straight and hit the apartment in front of you.

Well that was what I discovered this morning.

The road in front of our garage is a fire lane. By laws nobody could park there.

Yet, people would park along the lane as parking spots are limited in this area.

We informed the guardian, we placed parking sticker, we put notices.

Situation improved but there are some stubborn regulars still decided to violate the laws when they couldn't find any convenience spot nearby.

Result: we couldn't got out of the garage, so we canceled our movie plan, parked the car some where else and keep checking back. Sometimes we honked and the whole neighborhood would throw us ugly glances, but at 7:35 in the morning we can simply do nothing.

I didn't believe we couldn't find a solution, even though the guardian said the police won't come and he can't do nothing.

So I wrote an email to the Town Hall. A week after a policeman called us and promise to interfere if this happens again. I got his number keyed into my cellphone.

So this morning we called the police and gave him the license plates. He checked through his database and called the car owners, but he couldn't reached any.

He came with his coworker, and they started to jot down the features of the cars before towing them away. Each owner will have a fine of 90 euros to pay.

The guardian arrived and commented that if the police do this this time, they would need to patrol the place everyday. If not, they will be complained and they will be the one that are guilty. I didn't quite get the logic, but apparently the guardian was not happy.

Eventually the guardian managed to identify one of the owners and asked her to move her car away. The second owner was not that lucky. Apparently he/she has to pay the fine plus the towing fees.

Hilarious, you should see the reaction of the owner. She came with a gloomy face, and the first thing she said was:"you know during the night spots are always taken." We were stunned at her reaction. No apologize, not feeling guilty.

I left immediately after as this has cost me one hour and I still have 80 minutes of roads ahead of me.

Later, I found out that the woman is planning to complaint to the Town Hall, logic being the police has no right to fine her.

I was extremely surprised at people's reaction over this issue. They are the one at fault, yet they are complaining. Once this woman (or her husband) threw the parking sticky in front of our garage after parking illegally. Then a man was extremely unhappy on one Saturday afternoon that we woke him up (by honking) to move his car as he has to work during the midnight. And now this woman is complaining that the police has no right to fine her? Wow.


  1. Anonymous2:00 AM

    slash their tyres!

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Once they have their car towed away, they won't dare to park there anymore. My parents in law used to have lots of cars parked right in front of their house that they can't even park their own car there and they are the ones paying for the maintenance of that party. So each time they see someone foreign parked there, they would write a note telling them that this is private parking area but there are persistence ones.

  3. The french are known to be the ones in the right! even if its their fault! Look at the high rate of job strikes/walk offs etc etc... Hubby says the French are known complainers and he's French! LOL!