Monday, June 16, 2008

Induction stove, finally!

Beside gas and electrical stove, you can actually have induction stove.

I didn't know about this before coming to France. Hubby was so into it so we decided that our wedding fund contributed by family and friends would be used to upgrade our kitchen stove, from gas to induction.

As far as I understand, this kind of heating (flameless) uses magnetic power, where all pans and pots would need to have bottom equipped with magnet (another expenses to consider). It will only heat when it senses the magnet and will be off immediately the pan is off the stove. Therefore, if you put your hand there, nothing is going to happen, safe for children. Beside, it only consume half as much electricity compared to an electric stove. Most importantly, it could be cleaned easily.

The stove will only arrive in 2-3 weeks so we are crossing our fingers for the first induction cooking!


  1. Anonymous4:05 AM

    but is it hot enough for Chinese cooking?

  2. I have yet found a wok that can go with induction. :-(

    Let me know if you find it somewhere else.