Sunday, June 29, 2008


French dessert: chou = cabbage

This was the birthday cake we had yesterday. Before the party I heard that the dessert of the night would be something called "chou" = cabbage in English. I told myself that the French are so creative that they managed to make a dessert out of cabbage and was expecting to see something green. Then I discovered this is "chou", that has nothing to do with cabbage. I had it before but just couldn't recall the name. People told me that there is one kind of dessert that is named "religieuse" = religious but it has nothing to do with religion.

One of hubby favorite desserts: religieus = religious

I like fruit tarts but don't appreciate desserts that are coated with sugar or caramel or cream. For me, after eating a heavy meal, I prefer to eat something digestive so usually I take some fruits. Luckily hubby doesn't have sweet tooth too so I hardly have to prepare any dessert for him. :-)


  1. i believe that pretty dessert called 'chou' is stand for 'cute'
    that's what my lecturer used tp praised us " chou chou" , hehe~~

  2. Anonymous10:34 AM

    My hubby love Paris Brest and religieus. I find Paris Brest very disgusting because it's nothing but creme au beurre.

  3. sasa,

    Chou has many meaning in French. It could be used as an affection term for kids. Haha I'm not sure my professors will call us chou though.

  4. I'm going through your blog and am getting hungry off all the food pictures. They are great!