Friday, June 06, 2008

3 years in France!

3 years ago we moved from Austin to France. It had been three very important years with many milestone in my life:

- Pick up French and can now get things done without hubby. Sure there are still rooms for improvement and long way to go before I can speak and write eloquently, but if I continue to live in this country it will come along I presume.

- Got married to someone who likes me as I'm.

- Finally set one foot in the working world.

- Traveled with my family in France and part of Europe

- Received and shared the Malaysian cultures with some of the friends

- Learnt to drive with a manual car on the left hand side. Overcame the fear of driving in France.

- eventually set up a website and several blogs and met friends in the cyber space.

- gradually seeing the good sides of socialism

- discovered plenty of good foods!

I would say the hardest years had gone and it is just a matter of time I will see France as my second home. Good luck to me!


  1. You can be proud of your achievements, Bee Ean. Good luck and 'Bon continuation'.


  2. For many more years to come! :) And congratulations on your many achievements!


  3. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Congratulation ! and I hope you will continue to find your happiness in France

  4. Thanks, you guys supports always helped a lot in achieving these milestones.

  5. Anonymous8:43 PM

    It took me 3 years to get used to living in France and I think it was on my 5th year here that I started to feel home in France and I really miss France when I stayed in Singapore in the summer.

    hehehe ... I'm in my 6th year here and I'm still far from speaking and writing French eloquently :(

    I have gotten my licence here 3 years ago and I'm still afraid of driving around. :(

  6. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I know it is not easy to live in a foreign country, I was in the UK, I know...

    Looking forward to hear more happy stories from you.