Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer activities

In France, almost every city and town would host a music festival marking the beginning of summer season. Artists or groups performed on the street and people got to enjoy a jubilant night out.

This festival coincided with the surprise fathers' day celebration we threw for my FIL. My MIL requested to have a tour for the music festival with him and there was a group playing just opposite to the restaurant we wanted to take him. While they were enjoying the jazz group, we popped up. He was so touched and was having a big smile the whole night. Everyone was very happy with the yummy food, and the highlight of the night was this group playing some nice Brittany musics.

In the west region, Hortensia could be seen in every corner during summer.

We can finally eating on the terrace and having some bbq.

Having a walk on the beach.

First time I saw this. The store is recommending 60 different erotic picks for summer. Almost every book has a nake body on the cover.

One colleague told me that May and June usually see a peak in birthrate in France. I won't be surprised after seeing this kind of stimulator.

Have a nice summer everyone!

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