Saturday, January 10, 2009

Converted to three columns template

I had wanted to change to three columns template but most of the templates I found were for wordpress. Finally I found a bunch here. One of the advantages about the templates provided in this site is that they are the upgrade version of the existing blogger two columns template. For example, my two columns template in green has been upgraded to the 3 columns template, still in green.

Unfortunately, these templates are not perfect and they do have many bugs. Before converting, it is wise to save a hard copy of the existing source code. I have spent hours to find out how to put back my background image as it disappeared after the conversion and it didn't appear when I switched back to the two columns one. Someone raised this issue by commenting on the site but later this person found the answer himself. Apparently you have to go to delete the header element and recreate it. To delete the header element you need to go to the HTML of the template and replace the locked='true' to 'false' in the div tag for the header. Remove the header completely then recreate it. The background image was still off and I had to readjust the photo size to make it fit.

Anyway, if you guys have problems viewing / commenting or it takes too long to load compared to last time, please let me know.


  1. I like your header. Wanted to change to 3 column template quite sometimes ago, but due to the trouble that I anticipate to go thru' guess I have to wait for a little while more, furthermore, my blog can only use the basic template, if I change it to advance template it will lead me to, which I was told it was due to blog hijacked which I have no clue on how to solve the problem.

  2. Agnes,

    Have you tried it? You can create a new blog and try it out. If it works then only convert your current blog to the 3 columns template.

    I love your header too, lovely flowers. Wow CNY deco, it has been so long I haven't done that.