Monday, January 19, 2009

Speed ticket and la carte de vitale (healthcard)

Note: This is not the real speed ticket, who could have driven at 348km/h!

I have finally received the speed ticket. In fact I was driving at 117km/h, 7km/h above the speed limit. After some technical adjustment, I was being fined for exceeding 1km/h over the allowed speed. Talk about luck! They are nice enough to give you a discount price at 45 euros if you pay within 30 days through internet.

On the other hand, I was overjoyed with this new healthcard (la carte vitale). Since the arrival in France, I was always holding a card with hubby's social security number. The fact that we have been living together for more than 2 years entitled me to have health care access like everyone else. However if we separate, I would have lost this right. Now that I'm working, I get to have the card on my own social security number, which means I'm eligible for the healthcare system in total independent from hubby. I feel like a grown up now, not having to depend on anyone else anymore.


  1. Congratulations on both pieces of very good luck! Good for you! I can hardly wait to see my first carte vitale. Wish me luck!

  2. Thanks! I hope you will get yours soon without any hassle like me. :-)