Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm the chef

If you are in France in January, you won't miss the tradition of eating la galette des rois or king's cake. This cake is associated with the festival of epiphany, where the 3 kings arrive at Bethlehem to honor the Christ's son. We won't have eaten this cake if my BIL was not coming. For me it is more a fun event for the kids, as the youngest in the family has to hide under the dining table and shout out who would be the recipient of the cake cut into several pieces. Kids are usually excited to get the trinket hidden in the cake and to be crowned as the king of the day. The trinket could be from any famous characters. I got the trinket this time and it was the fat chef character from "Ratatouille". Nice.


  1. hey i remember having the epiphany cake too! i got the crown but was a hard bite on my molars :S

    bee ean, can you pls drop me a line at would like to ask you more about the paperwork for registration of marriage, ie. which documents did you provide and where did you get the documents from etc.

    we wanna get the paperwork sorted out in order to confirm our date with fiance's town hall in bourg les valence come june.

    looking forward to your email.

    p.s. cultural difference of the week: i had to explain to fiance how we'd usually begin with verbal invitation, only to follow-up with formal invitation after the guest has indicated that he'll turn up for the wedding dinner. "so as not to make guests feel obliged to give angpow when they're unable to attend the wedding."

  2. that feve is really BIG?!?!?!

  3. Oh, we also have a similar cake here in Portugal, we call it Bolo-Rei which translated from English is King cake

  4. Sherine,

    About the cultural difference, it is true, for our wedding in France we actually sent out invitation cards to people then they would reply whether they will show up or not.


    Wow you are so knowledgeable about the French culture even though you haven't moved to France! I do not know the word fève until yesterday while researching about the galette des rois. You would be able to integrate very fast if you ever move here. :-)


    Thanks for the link. Well, I don't bake much, I shall pass show hubby the recipe of Bolo rei and let him bake for me. :-)