Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What I'm bring home

My family gave me a list of things to bring home from France. Since their last visit, they know exactly what French products that they appreciate.

My mother's favorite sesame baguette stick. I bought 10 of them as I have 5 families to distribute. My sisters are informed about the organic salt and they said that Brittany produces excellent salt that even the discovery channel features about this product. Ok, 1kg salt for them.

I couldn't resist Yves Rocher's parfum so I bought some for my sisters.

My in laws bought us 6 boxes of galettes de Bretagne, the famous butter cookies to give to my family members. A total of 3kg here!

Look at all the French products that I'm bringing home! They are at least 10kg here. My family is totally in love with the Brittany cider but since we are limited to 1 liter of alcohol per person, we simply can't bring much. I still need to buy the Eiffer Tower VSOP cognac from the airport. I have no idea what to bring for the kids so some chocolates should do the job.

How can we miss the French wine? Due to the quota we are only bringing one. It will be something from our collections.

Hope they are going to like all these!


  1. tell me about it. When we left for Paris, i had to argue with Benoit because there were so many things that I want to bring but we couldn't fit in.

    Anyway, i'm happy enough to bring back at least one bottle of my sirop de menthe! When are u coming back? Hope your bag won't be too heavy! Gong Xi Fa Cai en avance!

  2. I was back home in Singapore last Sept and I had 4 bottles of wine in my luggage and a bottle of cognac. :p However my flight was a direct flight.

    I usually buy gummy bears and other bonbon for the kids.