Friday, January 02, 2009

I'm disgusted

I'm disgusted. So disgusted.

Our former Prime Minister is having advertisement on his blog, and not any type of classy ad, but a lousy one.

Just imagine, you want to browse through the former French President Jacque Chiraq's blog and you see this on the banner: an ad for safe deposit box? What does it have to do with what the ex-premier going to say?


Look at the rate. It is not cheap, RM1k per day.

I felt like this who ads thing has deteriorated the image of his blog. I don't think he needs the money after governing Malaysia for 22 years? I'm not sure how rich he is but surely he has enough to survive? I really didn't expect this. I thought he was the wise man giving out his point of view after retired from the political arena. I'm simply disappointed.

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  1. Hi Bee Ean,

    I don't think Dr M runs the blog. He probably draft/dictate and a crew runs it. That incur cost and perhaps he wasn't too keen to fund it all from his pocket.

    But I don't bother with his blog anyway.