Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I got flashed!

I was not supposed to drive today.

Half awaken, I walked towards our garage thinking that I could continue my sweet dream while my carpooler drives. That never happened as when I saw the garage, I also saw a car parked in front of it. Right in front of it, and the only car in front of a row of garages.

I had no choice but to call hubby who later called the police. While waiting for the police to arrive, a guy walked towards the car and saw me standing in front of the garage. He realized that he was preventing me from going out so he apologized. He said he didn't know people actually park their car inside the garage in this area as he has never seen car coming out. Plus someone parked on his spot so he has to park somewhere else. After giving all the excuses, he asked me:"If there is anything I can do." Well, I couldn't think of anything he could do at that time so I let him go.

All these chaos caused me 30 minutes and my carpoolers have long gone. The solo trip was going to be a 1h 20 minutes drive so I put on my musics and fell into deep thought. Then I got this on my face:

A flash! I got caught by a mobile radar, my very first radar flash in my life! It was raining and the cop was out working? I quickly look at the odometer and it showed I was driving 10-15 km/h above the speed limit. So I'm going to receive my first PV (Speed ticket) in France.

Well if I ever see that guy again, I should ask him to pay for this. I was not supposed to drive remember? As a side note, I broke my tire on a Tuesday, and today is Tuesday as well. I probably should not drive on Tuesday from now onward. :-(


  1. Bee Ean,

    I'm very sorry to hear that you got flashed. That sucks! I am quite concerned about that happening to me in France, once I get there and start driving. I know a man who is French and has lived in the USA for 22 years. He goes back to France regularly and during one trip he was flashed 12 times!!! But he did not know it until his daughter in the south, near Toulon, called him to say that she had receive a shitload of PV in the mail for him!


    Take it slower than slow, my dear!

  2. That seems to be too many bad luck situations on the same day and involving a car. But, as long as you have spare tires inside the trunk of your car and if you're willing to collect speed tickets, why would this stop you from driving? lol

  3. Framéricaine,

    12 pv? The car was still under his name or the pv were for the car owner? Do you realize that at one point your friend was driving illegally as with 12 pv he was supposed to lose all his points!


    It is more about the psychological disturb. After I broke my tire I got scared each time I drive pass that road.