Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sale starts on Wednesday!

With this kind of weather (-6c today), one needs to have good news to get motivated. France is having it's annual sales on 7 January, and since it only happens twice a year, it usually attracts abundant of shoppers who are price conscience.

I was never too excited for sales in France because:
1. I don't know how to appreciate their fashion. Remember the hippy skirt? I didn't find it nice at all.
2. I don't like to shop when the shops are too crowded
3. I was not working so I was not proud of using someone else money to buy stuff for myself
4. Shopping during winter is not that fun. For one, if you need to try a cloth, you need to take off those layers of clothes you have on yourself, too much trouble.

This year is different, mainly I can proudly say I can afford to buy stuff if I want. I'm eyeing for a warm coat as this weather is really killing me. Most of the French wear black coat and I found it so boring. Black coat in a grey day, isn't it depressing?


  1. oh you are just like me...i never like clothes in French shops. and SOLDE for them are not actually sale at all. it is just old things from dunno which year put back on the shelves. old old stuffs. and not cheap. i prefer SOLDE in the UK. like, in the UK, if you target one jacket, you go back to that shop to get it on sale, but in France, when it is SALE time, things you have seen before SALE are not there anymore. but you see stuffs you have never seen before! and sometimes same SALE stuffs year after year. but when it is not SALE season, totally different stuffs. have you ever noticed that?

  2. Hello Fao,

    It is the same in the US. I never knew when would the sale start so I went to buy something that was on sale the second day! And you can basically find back everything there the day before the sale.

    I'm not sure about France as I have not tried aiming for one thing then went back later on the sale day. But it seems that my friend had done that and she got what she wanted, but you need to be there on the first week of the sale, else most of the things will be gone. However, I noticed that they don't have all the size, I wanted to buy a coat today but they were already running out of my size on the first day of the sale!