Thursday, January 15, 2009


Me and one of my coworkers are getting really excited as our vacation is just around the corner. I will be gone for 3 weeks and she would be off right after my return for 2,5 weeks.

My trip was planned 3 months ago and it was easily approved by my superior. It is one of the advantages to live in France, as people here respect highly the right to be on vacation. I have seen a guy getting a month off to stay in the mountain.

In Malaysia, it is very hard for a non managerial position employee to get more than one week off. Blogger Kee Yit is having hard time getting her two days Chinese New Year leaves approved. Of course there are always exception especially in the small and medium enterprises, but most likely people will be taking unpaid leaves as most Malaysians only get 2 weeks annual leave, compared to 5-6 weeks in France.

My mother was surprised that I get to take so many weeks off. It was unthinkable for her as when she applied for vacation to visit me in the USA, the most she could get was 2 weeks, and it was already an exception. The HR personal literally told her that if they gave her a long vacation, everyone else would follow suit and that could disrupt their production line. Eventually, she has to quit so that she can stay longer in the States.


  1. Anonymous12:27 AM

    it was just yesterday our freanch teacher told us how different the 'conge payee's in France and in Malaysia are. That's the advantage of living and working there. But she also said that the employees also have to work for 40 years compulsory. Is that true? Because in that case, I'd rather stay in Malaysia

  2. jongrevisited,

    You can retire whenever you want but to enjoy the full retirement pension one needs to work 41 years now. Imagine getting 70% of your last income when you are goyang kaki at home or taking care of your grandchildren? Isn't it tempting? The pension will stop only when you are no longer exist. :-)

  3. enjoy ur cny at home :)