Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shopped till shops closed

I had my third attempt for the sale with some friends. We shopped for 3-4 hours till shops closed but I still haven't finished everything I wanted to buy for my family. Almost all shops in down town close at 7pm even on a Saturday. Since they are closed on Sunday there is no way that I can go back to check them out before going back to Malaysia.

Anyway, we were having a lot of fun chatting non stop while checking out good deals. At one point I felt like those girls in Sex and the City, have lunch talk about guys then do shopping together. I got so many tips from my girlfriends that I felt like a newbies in this arena. Free gifts in Yves Rocher, cheap shampoos and bathroom products in Saga, winter coat in Pimky and Camaieu, cosmetics in Sephora and etc... so much to learn as these brands were unknown to me before moving to France.

I bought this winter coat. It was not love at the first sight kind of impulse purchase but rather I was tired of looking and trying. I wanted ideally a red coat but I couldn't find any that goes well with me. So I settle with this for now.

I wanted so bad to continue the shopping so even after the shops were closed, I still browsed through their windows one by one. When I saw this red coat, I almost scream and just hope that they let me in and try it out! Well, a woman is never satisfied I guess.

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