Monday, April 02, 2007

Crazy fans caused her father's death

This woman, 30 years old, is so crazy about her idol Andy Lau (a famous Hong Kong artist), that she caused her father's death.

She's crazy about Andy Lau since she was 15. By then, she didn't go to school, used all her money to buy everything about Andy Lau.

Her parents, tried to guide her, failed, then decided to support her. Her father sold the house and tried to sell his kidney, to save money to go to Hong Kong and Beijing to let her daugther see Andy Lau. She managed to see him but from a far distance.

Finally last week, the family and her went to Hong Kong and she managed to see Andy Lau on a fans birthday party and took a photo with him. But she is not satisfied bcos she wants to be alone with Andy Lau for at least 90 minutes. Her father tried to stop Andy Lau's car to request the meeting alone with his daugther, but got rejected. He then kill himself by jumping down a bridge in Hong Kong as protest.

This woman, still not realised what she has done, insisted that Andy Lau comes to her father's funeral and then meet with her alone, to compensate the years she spent loving this star.

Managed to take a photo with the idol.

With her mother living on the street of HK.

How can someone be that crazy? Her parents, I can't believed they sold everything and took loans to just come to see a star. And now they are blaming Andy Lau for his cruelness.


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    That's a really crazy story! I can't believe that her parents went along with her obsession as well.

  2. Worst thing is they are still blaming Andy Lau. For her, her 15 years of loyalty worth at least 90 minutes to see the idol alone.

  3. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Her parents should have told her to get a job and start living reality. I guess it's because she's the only child and they cannot bear to see her like this. But then, there is a limit to that. The poor mother.