Saturday, April 21, 2007


So, I worked from 6.45am to 12.30pm yesterday, and today from 6.45am to 6.30pm.

Collecting the muguet is an easy job in the sense that it doesn't require high IQ, but physically it can be exhausting. We are not allowed to sit down, so the whole day bending the body collecting the 5-6 inch flowers is tiresome. Also, it can be quite dangerous as the muguet is covered by glasses. On the first day already, I cut my hand, quick backly. The alley between the row of flowers are very tiny, and I had the chance having a fat lady working back against back. So when she turned, she pushed me forward and I pushed into the glasses and the glass broke.

Anyway, right now most of the French supervisors know me. I don't know whether she keep noticing me or what, they seem to appreciate my work attitide so they "promoted" me to work in the packaging factory. They selected only 5 of us. I'm so glad bcos I can't stand anymore bending down picking muguet and it's leaves. However this "promotion" seems to be temporiraly, tomorrow I will be out picking again I think. :-(

Hopefully by the time I come home tomorrow, the presidental election result will be out. I don't support any candidates in particular, but anybody who can stimulate the sluggish economy is welcome.


  1. It sounds like really hard work! Can't believe that you're not allowed to talk.

  2. dont work so much