Monday, April 23, 2007

More on works

On Sunday I worked until noon then we went home. I was really to give up if they would have told us to work in the afternoon. My back was hurting so much and the weather was hot, I don't think I could still work at that point.

In the afternoon we visited a farm who grows bio products. It will be our supplier for vegetables in the next couple of weeks. I couldn't enjoy the visit at the beginning as my hand was hurting backly. Yeah I still didn't go see a doctor as I don't know my working time schedule, so I'm not motivated to make an appointment with any doctors. The work will end anytime soon so will do that after.

There are a lot of black and hispanic working in the farm. I feel like people are fighting to work more hours. Today I was called again to work in the factory, but later they open up another line to wrap the muguet. So more workers coming in. My friends asked to be in the factory in the afternoon. When we arrived there, people who were in my team asked me whether my friends were joining our team, they seemed to not welcome any newcomers... Anyway, at the end we finished earlier then others, such as my friends who work with the machine. So, one of my teammate said that we shouldn't have worked so efficiently, we should have tried to slow down the process so that we will work more hours and earn more money!

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