Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day 26 night: Wedding dinner

Everything was very rush. I only finished arranging the guest's seating 1 minute before my hair and makeup appointment. Of course there were a lot of complaints about the seating, but I really can't please everyone.

In the Chinese wedding, usually we have round table which can seat 10 people. This is the host seat, it usually seat the wedding couple, their parents and the most respectful relatives (grandparents, uncles...)

The menu for the night

The wedding cake: there was a big of accident, usually the first layer is the real cake and the rest is fake. But the hotel provided us all the fake one, so we had hardtime cutting it...

The guests started to arrive at 6.50pm eventhough in the invitation card it stated 7pm, but the first course was served at 8.30pm, a typical time wasting for Chinese wedding.

My respectful DJs covering Mandarin, English and French

The presentation for the first course signifying the beginning of the dinner

After several courses, we were on the stage for the cake cutting ceremony, the fake cake was hard

Champagne pouring

Everyone up on stage for the yamsheng

Yamsheng from table to table, total 33 tables, and I didn't tell Fabien that he didn't have to bottom up each time, actually the Malaysian drink cognac with ice and water...but he was too honest, luckily he has his "heng tai" (brothers/friends) to help him...

The dinner ended around 10.30pm, and Fabien thought that it was too short, so they extended the party in front of the house, and managed to visit a neighbore's bonsai garden, plus got invited to bah kut teh breakfast the second morning, plus an invitation to visit the neighbore's master's bonsai... if you know what drinking that brings you...

Overall the dinner finished well. However, some of the guests were disappointed about the fact that there was no karaoke (very popular in my hometown), and that it was too quiet (Chinese need a lot of sound for conviviality). I was upset that the hotel couldn't played my powerpoint presentations about our childhood, couple photos and introduction to France.


  1. Bonjour de malaisie :-)

    You can send your teddy bear pictures to nevertrustaskinnycook [at] gmail [dot] com, with teddy bear in the header.

    Looking forward to know how you are doing in France, me did the opposite: went from la Belgique to la Malaisie.

    Teddy bears

  2. Enjoy Malaysia as much as you can, it's a nice country.

  3. Looks like you had a great time!