Friday, April 27, 2007


Read a book again about unfortunate woman having their unfortunate life in the middle east.

Zana Muhsen and Nadia Muhsen are two British girls, went to a suppose vacation in Yemen, their father's home country, just to realise that they were SOLD by their father to his friends and forced married to his friends'sons. Then it begun their miserable life in the country side of Yemen. After several years, Zana has one son and Nadia has one son one daughter. They managed to contact their mother, who didn't know of their situation, and came to rescue them by involving the medias. Eventually Zana was able to go back to English, with the condition giving up her son and left him with Nadia, who will wait for the rescue after her sister went back to English. But until today, Nadia is still living in Yemen. All these are written in the book "SOLD", and Zana wrote another book "The promise to Nadia" years later.

The controversy is that the medias tried to contact and interview Nadia, who said she has a happy life with her husband and children in Yemen. She is sueing her sister for publishing the second book and telling lies about her life in Yemen. She said that she knew from the beginning that she was going to get married in Yemen and live there. She would like to visit English one day, but not now.

All these really confused me. While Zana is trying to get her sister Nadia out, Nadia refuses to go home, saying that she has all the independence to go anyway and love her life in Yemen. I don't know who is telling lies, and no matter what the damage is done: women's life in middle east is horrible.

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