Friday, April 13, 2007

First visit

We had sent a notice to our apartment owner that we are moving out. Just when I was wondering why nobody come to visit the apartment, an old lady arrived.

She came without an appointment. Her raison was that the owner didn't know my number and it is not listed in the yellow pages. OK. I let her in anyway.

She was impressed by the big kitchen and living room, but very disappointed with the bedroom. Too small according to her. She has a big bed and armoire. Before she left, she asked whether those tulips outside belong to us. Why won't she bother to know? Then, she asked me question about the rent. I don't know whether I should tell her, but I told her anyway.

Well, I guess it didn't work out. The bedroom is really small. This apartment is almost the same size as the apartment we have in Austin, but in Austin we had a huge bedroom plus a closet. Here, spaces are taken by the corridor and kitchen. I guess the French cook a lot more at home.


  1. That's kind of weird that she came without an appointment. Did you know that she was supposed to come by at some time? Don't let strangers in!!

  2. She is an old lady, no harm I guess.

  3. BE,

    In France, how many wks or mths notice u need to give to landlord before u can move out and get yr deposit back ?

    I was fascinated by some shows in HGTV about living in small spaces. Goodness me, those designers can really make use of small space. I saw one couple who live in a small loft in N.Y, they build a huge shelf where they store their clothes, etc and the shelf storage hide behind a huge curtain. It was very fascinating how this couple make use of their small space.

    I personally think one will never get what one want if one buy a 'used' apt or hse, unless it is custom built by oneself, then one can specify the kind of kitchen , cabinet, bathroom etc.

    In America standard, our present home is small. Recently, I went to Lowes and bought lots of wood to build shelves in our bathroom :)-. I can't wait to build our home in our country land. Then I can specify the kind of bathroom, kitchen, storage space. Mean while, I just have to make use of what my home has to offer :)-.

  4. 3 months notice like in US. But if the landlord manages to find someone in between, we will move out early.

    You see, in Malaysia only rich people will build their own house, while the rest just buy house according to the sample house they visited. In France, middle class is still able to do it, but less and less. We still hope that one day we will able to do it. :-)

  5. BE,

    "You see, in Malaysia only rich people will build their own house, while the rest just buy house according to the sample house they visited."
    In US, it is cheaper to build yr own than buy an existing one if u are handy enough ! Also, here, they don't need to do piling like we have to in Malaysia.

    A no. of my friends build their own hses, I mean they literally use their hands to build their hses ! One of my gfs husband is a fireman, all his friends are very handy people (fireman), they come around the home site to help him building his hse after their work . Took these guys (abt 4-6) abt 6mths to build the 3bedroom,2 baths home.
    In fact, I was amazed when my gf invited me for her home warming party.

    One of my coworkers (a lady who is in her 40's) told me she is going to build her home soon. I asked her by yrself, she said 'ya', looked at me thinking I don't understand her English. She said it probably will cost her US$60k for the materials. At the moment, they live on a mobile home in 10 acres of land.
    I told her I am going to visit her while she is building her home.

    But, everything in America is very easy compare to say in Malaysia.

    I am not a handy person but I took up a 6wks course on home remodeling. After the class, I was able to change my kitchen sink faucet. Last yr, I installed a new shower for our master bathroom, just follow instruction, easy ...

    That is what my gf who is a graduate here before told me don't worry bringing things here. She was my assistant mgr in Brunei, she did her study in the US (an Indian girl from Sabah). She said jamy, u can buy anything in US lah, don't bring anything here lah. I kind of 'pan si pan e', but she was right.

    My next project is to install a sliding door over the shelves I have made :)-.

  6. Anonymous3:19 PM

    don't you think is crazy to leave someone such a long comment.

  7. Don't worry she is my good friend.