Sunday, April 01, 2007


So, my in laws invited us to restaurants twice during the weekend.

First one a good Thai restaurant in Nantes. It's the only one that we feel serve decent Asian foods. Their padthai and tomyam soup are so good. However, since it was a Friday night, and there were only on waiter, we were disappointed by the speed of the service.

On Saturday, we went to buy wine for our wedding in Sept. It was the first time I visited a vinegard in France. The wines tasted good, just too early in the morning to get drunk. :-)

We continued our journey to Champignonnière Le Saut aux Loups to buy some mushrooms and have lunch there. The foods were not as good as I expected, as the covered the mushrooms with something that were too burnt. But we managed to buy lots of mushrooms!
Please visit their website if you are interested to visit a mushroom farm built inside rock.

For the dinner, I prepared some Chinese food in the slow cooker before we left in the morning. So when we got home, we smelt the wonderful herbs. My in-laws were impressed by the slow cooker. They have one but never used it.

Overall it was a nice weekend, especially going to restaurant twice.


  1. Where did you get your slow-cooker from? I've always been told that they weren't available in France...

  2. I got it from Malaysia as my mother introduced it to me. But I think you can get it from Asian stores. My husband said you should be able to get it from Boulanger or L'eclerc. My MIL got it from her MIL so I think it does exist in France.

  3. BE,
    what kind of herb do u used ?
    I cook a lot of my food with slow cooker, very easy.
    U know u can even put a whole chick in to cook, it comes out very nice.
    I got 2 slow cooker, 1 is a small one without timer but the other one I got has a time, slow 4 or 8 hrs, fast 4 or 8 hours. Apparently, u can even cook cake in the slow cooker.
    I got a slow cooker recipe book and there is a choc fudge cake receipe.

  4. I put star anise and ginger plus chinese wine.