Friday, April 06, 2007

Lost in communication

We had our new bought apartment inspected, and found two defaults:

1. Need to create a plug in the bathroom
2. One piece of the glass window in the kitchen is broken.

We visited the apartment 4 times and we didn't notice that the glass is broken. My husband called the agent, and she told him that she told me during the second visit. My FIL was with me that day, and I'm really not sure whether she has told me that. She sure didn't show me the broken glasses, but she might have told me over a conversation.

Well, I didn't understand everything she said I guess. But why didn't she tell us during the first visit? Why us + in-laws didn't see it during the 3th visit?

It's in this kind of situation I feel useless and feel that people might bully me bcos I don't speak good French.


  1. Wow, I didn't know you were buying an apartment!

  2. Oh, I confirmed with my FIL that the agent did tell us about the broken glasses on the second visit. Well, I didn't catch that, and he didn't know that will cause a problem. Right now we need to get someone to give us a quotation and submit the report to the bank.