Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The supervisor announced at 12.30pm that it was the end of the muguet season. That means that the work for collecting the muguet and the leaves are finished. For me, I still got to go back for the packaging.

So, for people who didn't assign the packaging job, they worked only from 6.45am to 12.30pm for 5 days. Then we had pause between 9.30am to 10am, unpaid. The minimum pay in France is 8.27 euros an hour, after tax would be around 7 euros. Let see how much they earn:

5 hours 15 minutes x 5 x 7 euros = 183.75 euros

So not worth it!!! Had to wake up so early in the morning, bend the body for such a long hours, plus being treated like a dog in the field!

Man it's so hard to earn money. When I see those old men, I wonder how this money going to help feed their children and support the family. Plus, you need to have legal status in France to do this job. So, how about those work in the black market? It must be miserable for those illegal immigrant. :-(


  1. BE,
    How much is a loaf of bread in France ?
    How abt gasoline, how much is a gallon or liter ?
    How much is a 3bedroom, 2 bath apartment cost for rent ?
    Is $190 euro a lot ?
    I remembered when I was in France, everything was so expensive compared to Australia. I think it costs me a lot just to buy french fries and coke.
    I hope you have some 'tiger bum' in stock to rub yr aching back.
    Don't worry lah, 'wan si chi tow nan', think positive, it will be ok.

    Take care.

  2. Jamy, the cost of living here is expensive, I don't know about Australia. The price here might probably be the same as other countries, but the fact that they pay a lot of taxes thus receiving lower salary make it an unattractive country to live in. But it's attractive point of free medical and education plus retirement still pull in a lot of immigrants.