Sunday, April 15, 2007


I didn't have much friends in US, but recently I needed help from someone there, and I managed to find one that I trust. I realised, that it exists one kind of friend, where eventhough you don't live in the same circle, they will still be your friend.

On the way back from Dallas Airport to Austin, we got stucked on I35. My friend asked me to call a friend, let him check out what was going on. I told her no, bcos we shouldn't bother people like that. It was over 9pm. She insisted that it's in this kind of situation that we needed the help from a friend. I didn't call the friend, and I realise, that it was bcos I was not very closed to him. If I were, I would have called.

In France, I used to organise activities with my classmates, who later become my close friends. However, it needs a lot of time to build up a strong and intact relationship. At this point, I lost the motivation. Making new friends need a lot of energy, and I'm tired of seeing friends coming and going and I have to start all over again.

I miss the time where we organised birthday parties together, went to play basketball then go mamak, visit each other during CNY, facing the boring exams, and called each other when you are bored. There wasn't too much rules, like shouldn't call at certain time, have to make appointment one month before to do something... we were all free to do stuffs spontaneously. They are like my family, it was always the same group of people, we know if anything happens we can count on each other.

Things have changed. Now everybody has their own responsibilities, and too much priorities in their lifes. But, the trust is still there.

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