Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Last Day: Massage and tea tour

In the morning, I brought the French to try out Dim Sum. Some of them appreciated it some of them no. Well, it was already a huge progress for them, from only eating bread to trying different foods for breakfast.

The lady presented us different kind of Dim Sum to choose.

All the buns and Dim Sum to choose from.

After Dim Sum, we went for Bali style massage. We continued our day by tasting some teas and of course bringing some back to France. We then joined my brother in laws for lunch.

During the night while I was busy packing my luggages, they went for bah kut teh with my brother in laws. At the end if was time to say goodbye, and it was very hard for my mother and me. I don't know when I will go back to Malaysia, but I'm glad that some of my family members are coming for the French wedding in September. This time will be their round to taste the French foods and enjoy the beautiful scenery!!

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