Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Immigrat to China?

I met two Chinese for the muguet picking, and both of them are very confident about the future of China. One of them keep telling me about the job opportunity there and the salary they offer. She advised me to try to find a job in China.

The other girl has a French boyfriend. Her future mother in laws saw a report about the bloombing China, that a lot of young French moved to China and built up companies there. She is afraid that her own son will move to China with this Chinese girlfriend, so she exactly disencourage him to go to China even for a short visit.

So, all these days the Chinese immigrat to every corner in the world. Has the trend changed now? Are more and more foreigners actually leaving their own countries and move to China?


  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I think I saw the same report about all these French people moving to China to start their own businesses - interesting how the Chinese girls that you met found that there were more job opportunities in France

  2. They are very confident of China. One of them is going back after graduation, and the other one will not mind to go back with her French boyfriend.