Monday, July 30, 2007


Don't worry it didn't happen in my blog. :-)

I went to see my favorite author's blog and saw she has 2138 comments on her latest post. OH MY GOD! I have never seen such a huge number of comments.

Cheong Siu Han is a famous author from Hong Kong, look at her AmyMagazine site. The most funny thing is that her readers fight to get the first comment after her new post. They waited beside their computer just for that. How crazy!

She does reply comments but I don't know how she will have the time to read through all of them.

It must be tough to be famous. Anyone has seen blogs with more comments that hers?


  1. How does one type chinese characters? I've always wondered that. There's tonnes of slashes and lines in one character alone.

  2. That's indeed a huge number of comments.
    I probably will check out her website when I had a chance.

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    That's a huge number of comments! Even Kenny Sia doesn't get that many comments and he's supposed to be pretty popular!

  4. There are several ways to enter a Chinese character. The most common one is to type the pronunciation and choose from a bunch of words. But these days the software is very clever, you just have to type for example "fg" for "fa guo" (France), and it will come out with a bunch of matching. It will remember the frequency used of words and always store them for your first choice.

    Cheong Siu Han is famous for the Chinese community in mainland China, HK, Taiwan and Chinese overseas. She has bigger market than Kenny Sia I think.

  5. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Wow, that's definitely a lot of comments to go through. Probably she has an assistant to work through those comments.

  6. try going to the blog of grey's anatomy... i seen one with 5k+ comments.

  7. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Wow, 5k+ ? It must takes the author a long time to reply ?
    I have found it quite a big job already for my only 444 comments over my 21days on my new blog.
    I wonder how they do it to get that many comments ?

  8. Jamy,

    I think you are getting there :-)

  9. Me getting there ? You must be joking, half of my comments are my replied to my comments :)