Monday, July 23, 2007

French wedding (2)

It was a beautiful Saturday. We were all gathering outside of the town hall waiting for the couple to show up. It was 11am.

The handsome groom arrived with his buddies first.

Followed by the bride riding in a fancy car, a bit American style I found.

The bride is accompanied by her father, walking inside the town hall.

After the mayor (representative) announced them husband and wife, they signed and exchanged rings.

Walking outside the town hall, greeting by rice. She threw the bouquet and it landed on her mother-in laws'forehead, unexpected!

We all moved to a beautiful park having some cocktail, while the couple went for photo shooting.

By 1.30pm me and hubby went to the dining room beside a castle, to finish some decoration.

Around 3pm, the couple and their closed family members arrived and we (again) have some appetizers. These were so good! Pumpkin and foie gras mousse.

Since I was the witness we were seated in the main table. The grandmother sat beside me, good opportunity to have her introduce all the family in the room for me. Had this as the first course.

The main course is the goose, I didn't really like it, too chewy.

In between meal we had games for the couple. This time she had to touch many legs and determine which one belongs to her hubby. She managed to find out! Amazing! When it was the turn of the groom to guess, he touched several pairs of hands, and he found the one too! I don't know how they did it.

Salad with cheese

Most of the family members love musics. Have you seen French sing karaoke? Well here you go. The bride's parents from Bolivia also sang in Spanish.

Pouring the champagne. Hubby reminded me that those were real champagne, not like those we had in Malaysia. :-(

Dessert named piece monté (climbing piece)

The lunch ran from 3pm to 7.30pm, by the time some of the guests already arrived for the evening buffet event. The family prepared a short film with the parents participating in the script and songs, it was very well done.

Around 9.30pm the couple led the first dance.

People were crazy dancing. They danced whole night non stop, amazing! I was off at 11pm, too tired to even think. It's too tiresome to have a wedding from morning to night and still not ending.

Again the family prepared this for the couple, they were dancing (a song created by the groom, sent it to the bride who was then in Bolivia). Isn't romantic?

I left at 3:10am damn tired. Hubby wanted to stay so I decided to drive home with a friend. We got lost as predicted but I managed to find the way home. When I go to bed it was passed 4am. The second morning I was not feeling well the whole day. Well, if this was hung over, I wish I had never drunk. (I took at least 2 glasses of red wine, 1 glass of white wine plus champagne for lunch, but didn't drink the whole night.)

I don't know how I'm going to hold up for my own wedding.

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