Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Long life French!

I was in the waiting room for my doctor appointment and I discovered a funny fact in the obituary page.

Out of 29 announcements on 9 July 2007:

1 was dead at 105
5 were dead at more than 90
16 were dead at more than 80
2 were dead at more than 70
2 were dead at more than 60
1 was dead at 34 due to a cancer
2 didn't state the age

So, 22 out of 27 were dead at over 80 years old, that means 81% of the French die after 80 years old? Or just happen that on 9 July more old people dead?


  1. Maybe they do have longer life spans. Are you living away from the hustle and bustle of the city?

    I noticed that in the small towns I have lived before in Germany. My former landlord's grandfather died at 93. His grandma was 90 at death. His grandpa was still driving at 88 years old.. slow but he did not need to pick up speed in a small town. Cows moved slower than his car! :)

  2. .. sorry.. I meant his car moved slower than the cows. :)

  3. I don't want to live that old. It is scary to live that long :):):)-. Aiyo, especially working with old people, it is not easy to be old !

    Jt/BE, I just written a post which i suspect u guy will like it. Not the bad hair one, but the one below it.

  4. I think ours is a generation who may just have shorter life span than our parents'. Based on the foods we eat and the level of stress in our lives.

  5. hehe - you must have waited a looong time at the doctor's to be able to count all the announcements ;-)

  6. j.t.
    I'm living in a city but there are a lot of old folks retiring here.

    I think like you, it's kind of scary to live until 100 years old and especially living alone. But who knows you have a lot of grandchildren and you just wish to see them grow up, get married...

    In France it seems each young generation outlive the old one.

    You are so right! What's the point to have an appointment and still have to wait 30 minutes before getting the treatment? sigh