Monday, July 16, 2007

Fight back!

We were in a car park searching for a place when this happened.

We saw a cute guy walking over so we thought we can take his spot.

He bypassed us, just a little bit further, so my friend can still reverse her car to park. So she put her blinker on.

While the guy was getting out of the spot, a car came from the other side and took the spot!! Innocently made us invisible!

My friend, unlike me, is a very assertive person. She immediately went to the car and told the driver nicely that she was there waiting for the spot for 5 minutes already. The driver, an old man with his wife, ignored her completely. My friend was angry so she raised her voice. The old man finally responded but he refused to leave the spot, saying that we should have waited before the spot, not after the spot. At this point, I have to salute my friend, not only she didn't back up, she yelled at the old man with all kinds of words, in English!!

For me, it was funny to see the old man walking away, completely ignored us, and his wife, was already far away, didn't bother to talk to us.

I told my friend, that French people can be nice and polite to their friends, but be nasty to stranger. The notion of "gentleman" might not apply here. Anyway, she is leaving soon to USA so she doesn't have to deal with the French for too long.


  1. Hee hee.... nothing like a good temper flare and swearing to get you through a Monday, eh?

  2. Hehe - that's funny that she started yelling at them in English as well! When I get mad, I start tutoie-ing people!

  3. When we were in high school, there were only 3 Asians in our classes (we had about 5 classes for our year 12). There's this Italian guy who got along with us so well.

    There were 3 of us, 1 guy from K.L and 2 of us from Kuching.

    One day, the K.L guy said "Let's go out after class and we'll have a swearing session at the football field."

    So 4 of us went. He started swearing in his Italian Language. The K.L guy then started his Cantonese swear words and I ended the longest with my Hokkien :):):).

    We (4 of us) used to live with a very cranky old man. Our apartment's varenda over looked eath other.

    We used to have Sunday lunches at our apartment after church service and we would sing songs (one of my roomates teach piano part time so we have a piano at our small tiny apartment).

    This cranky old man was very mad every Sunday. He would throw his left over chicken bones , fish bones to our varenda.

    I was mad ! Both all my roomates asked me we had to be kind, blar blar blar.

    One day, I really cannot tahan anymore. I put on my 5 inch high heel shoes, put on my sunglasses and arm with my Chinese choppping knife.

    I knocked on his door with all the strength I had (all my roomates were so scared, they hide in their rooms :):)), I shouted for him to open his door.

    He opened his door slightly with a protected string :). I told him if he is going to throw chicken bone again on our varenda. I am going to call the police !

    He said ok, clsoed the door and never bothered us anymore.

    He still intimated my roomates whenever they saw him on the halllway outside of the elevator. For some reasons, I had never seen him outside of his apartment. My roomates said he is afraid to see me, so he would look out at the door key hole to see I was around, if I was around, he would not go out. I laughed so hard of what my roomates said.

    Anyway, one CNY eves night, I invited my brother and his Australian's girlfriend then to have steam boat with me.

    While they were admiring the sky line of Sydney evening, my brother made a remark :"Can you guys smell the strong odor, it's like dead body.". I said, :" Ya right, might be the mean man is dead."

    We kept lookign for the source of the bad smell but we couldn't find it.

    The next day, while in the hair salon having my hair cut, one of my roomates came by and told me I need to go back to the apartment because the fireman is going to use our varenda to go to the mean man's apartment. Apparently, the odor must have came from his dead body.

    I tell you I was stunt.
    And yes, he was found death in his apartment. The body was rotten so bad that there were muggets all over his body, his house every where. He had a heart attack !!!

    This was not the 1st incidence in the apartment complext that I lived.

    When I was in Aust., I have never like the way the older people were being treated. Most of them live alone. It takes many days for people to find out they are dead.

    It is very very sad !!!

    Man, if I am old and if JJ does not take care of me. I am going to nursing home and probably find a new boyfriend (of course if my husband is dead before me lah :):):).

    It is scarely to get old, I can tell you that much !

  4. typo : not live with
    live next to

  5. I'm not sure I can fight back like her, but maybe one day I will be like Jamy, holding a Chinese knife and show it to whoever is bullying me. :-)

  6. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Better be careful when holding a knife or any weapon in public or in front of a stranger's house. They might call the police and you could end up in jail for threatening to hurt/kill them.
    If my neighbour holding a knife and knocked on my door, the first thing I would do is to call the police.

  7. BE,

    What the anonymous said is true.

    Don't hold any knife or weapon(unregistered) in the public, they can call police and get you to jail :)- Unless like us here in the US, we can buy a registered gun legally and wear it outside of the jean and let everyone see u have a weapon, then u won't be bully :):). But, I don't think u can buy registered gun there, can you ?


  8. No Jamy gun is illegal in France unless for hunting purposes.

    Don't worry I won't do this, I was just kidding.