Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm so stressed planning this trip for my family. Yesterday I received their wire transfer and the rate is RM5.06 for 1 euro!!! Man those banks are just sucking money machine. Now that I have bought the air tickets, I have to check out each city, where to book hotel, where to visit, how to feed 10 mouths for each meal...basically how to make sure everyone is happy.

At this point my sentiment is: If I were rich, all these stresses would not occurred. I can then:

1. Hire a trip planner to organize everything
2. Pay the whole trip for my family so they don't have to worry about over spending
3. Staying in 5 star hotels every way so everyone can do whatever they want and be happy
4. Eating in the finest restaurants for every meal

But on the other hand, I won't get to know
1. That I could be a travel agent.
2. I'm sure by the end of this trip I would be an expert in organizing trips for big groups
3. Get known better about the European continents
4. Discovered potential areas to visit just me and hubby in the future

I'm so excited that my family is coming in one month but stress up as the time approaching. To cool myself down, I give me some minutes enjoying the surrounding areas of our apartment.

From our bedroom: Each day we are waken up by the singing birds. During the night is the sound of frogs.

From the computer room: a giant tree with the leaves keep waving at us


  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Looks like it is going to be a very stressful trip :-)

    Nice to know you can listen to French frogs singing at night.. how are their singing? nice? :-)

  2. I like the window that overlook green leaves !

  3. Wah... I read also I get stressed. But then, the view you have at your window is so refreshing, I can imagine the calming effect it should have. Go get some lavender aroma therapy and take a bubble bath with the Hubby.

  4. Hi Bee, saw your callsign in JT's blog and saw 'France' kaypoh over. I love Paris. Been there three times once upon a time.
    Re your gang coming over, ya, I can imagine the stress...Holy Smoke! That many satu kali, huh?
    But its wonderful to have close family to visit, listen to latest news from home, etc.
    Past years, we have been to Niagara Falls about 27 times!! Last year twice in two weeks as not family but close old friends visit. Oh well...
    Have fun with your family, Bee. UL.

  5. Wow u.lee, Niagara Falls 27 times :), goodness me. I thought my 10 times of tourist guide to Sydney opera house was bad enough :)-.

    Might be you like to kapoh at my kopitiam :).

  6. It certainly sounds like you've been doing loads of organising! Take a deep breath, at least most of it is done now - I'm sure everything will go well!
    Your apartment looks beautiful!

  7. kuanhoong,
    Their frogs probably sing differetly since their rosters are supposed to make sound like "cocorico". :-)

    I'm not really a bath person, but yesterday I just decided to put away this trip while concentrating on other stuffs, and it calm me down.

    Welcome. Wah 27 times, you must be sick of it.

    Since most of the places I myself have not been to, I need to check out lot's of info just in case something happen.